Please note:  Due to staffing issues, the Adopt-A-Pond program is being placed on hold and we will not be accepting applications until further notice.


The Adopt-A-Pond Program partners with communities to improve the water quality, wildlife habitat and appearance of stormwater ponds. Our program guides you through the initial steps to help you learn how to properly care for your pond for the long-term. But the project success ultimately depends on you! There are no fees or costs required to participate in this program. Simply apply to see if your pond qualifies.

Program Benefits

  • A beautiful, landscaped pond
  • Desirable wildlife habitat
  • Expert guidance to help you learn how to properly care for your pond
  • Free Florida native pond plants
  • Information and resources to help prevent pollution from harming the pond
  • Possible one-time initial clean-up assistance, if needed

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Contact Info

Jennifer Aragon
Adopt-A-Pond Program Coordinator